www.Wendyswantstoknow.com – Wendy’s Receipt Survey

Wendy’s is launching a new customer satisfaction survey to collect your feedback about their foods and service. Just go to the website www.Wendyswantstoknow.com and follow the instructions to complete a short  survey, you could receive a free burger or money off coupon for your next visit.

How to complete the survey?

To enter the survey, you should have a recent Wendy’s receipt at hand. If you have one, check out the website www.Wendyswantstoknow.com right now!

You will be asked to enter the 8 digit store number, date of visit, amount of the purchase and your email address. Please make sure your email is valid because  they will send the validation code to you via the email.

Then you should follow the on-screen instructions to answer the survey questions. At the end of the survey, you will receive an unique code that can be used to validate your receipt as a coupon.

Once you get the code, write it down on your receipt. Then take it to your nearest Wendy’s restaurant to redeem the offer.

Enter the Wendy’s receipt survey  now!

About Wendy’s:

Wendy’s offers a variety of burgers as well as chicken and fish sandwiches. You can order any item from the menu made according to your specifications. It also offers a variety of salads, choice of low cost meals, baked potatoes, and the famous Frosty Parfait.


  1. My husband and I ate lunch at store #00005277; order #941 in Joplin, MO. today. The parking lot should have prepared me for what was inside. Not one table had been cleaned and I had to kill an ant on the table that was available. Flies were everywhere, including the window sills. One cashier and as many as 10 people in line. Food was cold and tasted old. Where was the manager? This is the first time I have commented on a fast food place, but someone needs to hire more people to do the jobs that aren’t being done.

  2. I have nothing but trouble getting on to do the survey. also if I have to get a burger I wont do it at all I am a heart patient so the salad was what I went for you took the salad off so ill take my business elsewhere

  3. Yes I ate at your Wendy’s Restaurant in Visalia, California. And the food was very good and your staff was very helpful with my order. And thank you.

  4. My wife and I ate supper at Wendy’s on Fairview Road in Simpsonville,SC.
    We enjoyed friendly courteous and helpful empolyees who promptly served up our dinner to go.
    The food was great and the price was most reasonable.Thank you for having a superior organization.
    Stan Ward

  5. store # 3169 Charlottesville has been having some hiring issues, sign always out. The ones that work there are always friendly and hard workers. They apologize for delays and my orders are always correct, despite the short staffing problem.

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