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  1. hi, i recently completed the survey around 2 weeks ago and I am yet to receive my code for the 20% online discount. Can you help>?

  2. dollar general has got to be one if not the best in ripping you off. they put a sign up with the soda pop 3/10.00.. then when you get to the cashier they say “oh no that’s only for this or that pop, nowhere on the sign does it say what brand, what flavors. so then we get charged over 15.00 thinking we are only paying 10.00
    WAY TO GO DOLLAR GENERAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I attempted to take your survey, but was blocked by my Malware software, warning me your survey site was not safe. Sorry for you, you missed my opinion:

  4. Was very upset when I went to Wendy’s last night in Lancaster,OH #217. Four of the employees were yelling at each other and one even said the “F” word. I don’t know what they were upset about but the customers don’t want to hear that. If I hadn’t already ordered and paid for my food I would have left. Someone needs to take care of this situation….very disgusting.

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